The Col

Whats is a Col?

Col – The lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks, typically affording a pass from one side of a mountain range to another.

So many times we find ourselves looking at a large uphill climb in our lives, or maybe at a point after flying downhill and now wondering where to go next…

Experience The Col

Utilizing the natural geological features of to the Sierra, take a focused guided hike and stop along the way to talk about these features and how they apply to our lives. Come to a stream crossing and discuss the things in our lives that are challenging and require courage. Hike up a steep incline and turn around to see where we came from – share together the joys of endurance and the promises of God in difficult times. A powerful excursion to take alone or with a chosen group of people.

Let us help you find your next step

Fill out a Request Form by clicking the button below. This will give us some basic information about what you are looking for and we will contact you from there.

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We will work with you to determine if there are specific things you are seeking direction on, and prepare a time that will best address those things.

what to bring

We will supply the necessary outdoor gear to make your time successful.  There will be a list of things you can bring depending on your exact trip.


The Col can be from 3-24 hours.  We will work with you on the details of your time including what to bring, food, lodging, etc.


The Col – price to be determined on what we determine is the best course for you.