Put your phone away and learn how to use a map and compass to get where you want/need to go. This will be done on the orienteering course here at camp but can be taken off camp for a bigger experience.


Orienteering is the act of using a topographical map, compass, and physical features of the land to get you where you want to go. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, novice woodsman, or a family or group looking for an activity to get you out in creation, this activity helps you improve your navigation skills wherever you go.

Orienteering can gradually build your map-reading skills from exploring a local city park full of obvious structures to navigating remote terrain with few, if any, man-made features. 

Where are we?

Schedule a time to explore the Camp Chinquapin grounds working together to locate checkpoints using a map, compass, and control features. We will provide instruction, giving you the necessary tools to head out on our preset course here at the camp. If you would like to explore further, we have other opportunities to provide more experience and challenge.

Finding your way in the woods

First step – Fill out a Day Use request form by clicking the button below. To see Food Options for purchase, click the button below.


We will supply compasses, maps, booklet, and instruction. After learning the basics of orienteering, you will practice your knowledge on a set course at camp.

A little more…

If you fly through the course, we have a few extra checkpoints that are more challenging. See if it’s harder to stay on course when you are going a farther distance. 


Plan to be outside for 1 1/2 hours including instruction and doing the orienteering course at camp.


Orienteering – $5 per person – Max $20 per family