You have questions. wE have answers.

You may have some questions about The Col… Here are some answers.  If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Why is it called “The Col”?

The definition of a Col – “The lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks, typically affording a pass from one side of a mountain range to another.”

What a perfect example of many times in our life. Sometimes we are looking up to a peak with excitement of what will be at the top, and at other times we are looking at a peak with dread of the huge amount of work it will take to get there! We may find ourselves cruising down from a peak with ease in the downhill, searching out where to go next; or we might find ourselves cautiously following the path in front of us wondering what the best route to get where we need to go is. 

At some point we will all find ourselves at a col in life…

Why would I choose to experience The Col, and what does it entail?

Life is challenging.  As these challenges are experienced, you may find you need help to work through your thoughts and emotions. The Col is designed to do just that, uniquely designed with your specific needs in mind.

We will work with you before you arrive to see if there are things you would like to address while you are here. Our facilitators will then take you on an appropriate experience for you, remembering your physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental needs.

Through your experience in God’s creation, we will draw analogies that will point you toward Christ and move you along the path He has for you. Most experiences will include some kind of hike, taking time to process along the way. You will be stretched during you time, but your safety and well-being will always come first.

What will I need to bring?

You will receive a list of things to bring based on what your Col experience will be.  We can provide many of the things you will need such as: backpack, water bottle, trekking poles, blanket or pad, hammock, etc.  You will need to provide your personal items, including appropriate clothing and footwear for the season. We will also provide a journal for your Col experience. Final details will be given to you before your arrival.

How many people can do The Col together?

Sometimes it is best to experience The Col alone, other times it makes sense to have a friend, small group leader, spouse, child, parent, etc. with you.

It may be best to do this with your family, or a small group. In this case, you will have both individual and group experiences and discussion.

Who will be leading this time?

We will provide one or two trained facilitators to be with you during your time (There will not be a male facilitating a female or vice versa, although we may have a male and female together go with one person depending on the situation and what you time entails.)

Do facilitators have some kind of accreditation?

Our facilitators are not necessarily accredited counselors but are people with experience and training in leading people through an experiential learning time. If your time is being recommended by a counselor, we can determine if that counselor should also be present for some of your Col experience.

How long is The Col?

We will determine the best amount of time for your experience after consulting with you and hearing your specific needs.  A day experience ranging from 4-6 hours or 8+ hours works well, and there are times when an overnight or a few days would be best.

Is food provided?

We have a full kitchen that can prepare meals of any kind. Each Col experience will include trail snacks or a boxed meal depending on the length and timing of your experience. Other meals may be provided when returning to camp, or you can provide your own food.  Fasting experiences are available as well if that is needed for focus, clarity, listening.

What types of things can be addressed during The Col?

The process of Experiential Learning (learning through planned experiences) can help almost any topic or situation take on new and deeper meaning.  Whatever it is, your time during The Col will give you new insight and deeper awareness of who you are and who God is.

A few of the many situations that can be addressed are: 

Who am I?

What direction should I go in life? I have a big decision to make, how do I decide? 

How do I let go of my kids as they get older?  How do I better communicate with my family?

How can I get through this very difficult time in my life?

What are the things in my life that are holding me back?

What do I need to do to hear God’s voice? I have no purpose.

How do I change the pattern I am in?

How much does it cost?

Price will be determined based on several factors including number of people, length of time, needs, staffing needs, and your ability to pay. We do not want money to get in the way of your need to experience The Col and we believe God will provide.